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yeah I made reference to the buzzer in a post on the previous page. that is why he was so impressive because he has an uncanny way of buzzing as the question was ended. like right at the same time Trebek would finish reading the clue. Emma was fast as well, but not as fast as he had been in previous games. So again he may have been rattled by competition, but as a viewer it appeared to me that he gave less than his usual all. I have no way of knowing if that is true, or even if he had the result would be different. There is no disrespect from me towards Emma winning. again just stating my opinion on how it appeared to me. If that is 'pretty shitty' then I guess it is 'pretty shitty'.

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Yeah I have never regularly watched Jeopardy. I almost never was home when it aired and continue to not be home when it airs here. I'm not smart enough for it so I'm more of a Wheel person if anything...that one I could watch.

That said, this read was interesting, considering I know zilch about Jeopardy other than the rules.


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sean, I know. no offense taken. we have boarded long enough where I can take you calling me out on something if I am being an asshole.

again it was an observation I noted. Emma and James are both clearly able to process info at a much faster rate than the average person. like you said, most everyone who makes it knows a large portion of the answers. the problem with wrong answers often it seems is they know a little about everything, but then are unable to process and eliminate quickly. that is why the players who have decent runs just seem to have that extra gear.

sort of opposite of kupo, I am by no means a brainiac but I usually do respectable playing along with Jeopardy, aside from literary topics. I have always had a problem retaining authors names. story topic, characters etc...those I can nail, but ask the author and unless it is a no brainer; I am at a loss.

wheel of fortune I watch often enough, but the answer never comes to me until like it is a foregone conclusion.

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