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That's interesting.

Do you mean that because of the growing popularity of the show towards the end that Walter White might have got more big, grandiose, power moments written in as a way to appease the fist-pumping "I am the one who knocks" crowd? And in turn, this detracted from the show's main goal and sense of integrity? Like the story of his graduation to evil could have played out just as effectively without making most of his scenes some Joker-esque, bomb-dropping moment (Say my name, Tread lightly, I'm in the empire business, etc.).

I still feel there was a fair balance where his ego and the male revenge fantasy nonsense was kept in check. On the other hand, I never thought of how the show could have played out if he was still an increasing piece of shit towards the end but without the razzmatazz or showiness.

If that's what you mean by the Walter White problem?

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