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To the people who say music is completely subjective:

Is there any type of music that you think we can say is objectively better than another type of music? For example, clanging a spoon against a metal pan vs. paranoid android. both are music, but can't we say that there is something indefinably better about the latter?

that's the point, I think. I feel like music can be objective in the sense that this indefinable objective measure may exist...but without knowing what the objective measure is, it can't really be applied to adjudicating which is better of two types of music.

in other words, my argument = music might be objective in the sense that some things are definitely better than others. however, I don't think we can always determine what it is that makes one better than the other.

or this could all be pseudo-intellectual stoner bullshit. yeah it's probably that.


but either way you look at it
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