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Originally Posted by unnecessarily hot
the album demos they released last year? i heard they scrapped the majority of those. even heard that they were considering making this album mostly acoustic. unless they released some more, in which case I have been out of the loop...
yeah, the demos i have are the ones released last year. i've heard all the stuff your talking about, none of it is official (meaning from so im still holding out. about it being an acoustic album, im almost posotive this is just a myth, remember maladroit was rumered to be an acoustic album too? whenever something is posted on about this ile belive it, but anywere else and its just talk.

Originally Posted by gilmore
i'm actually one of the few nmh fans here that didnt download every last tubfart noise mangum made already
if you havent heard tracks of such high calibur as "los angeles" than you are clearly missing out.

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