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This weekend I did the huge maze in the corner of Akkala which was absurdly easier than it looked and loomed. Did a few more shrines, working on the hearts I need for the Master Sword. Close to pulling it out. Explored a little on Death Mountain, enough to get the fireproof clothing, but I'm not gonna fully dive into that until I'm done with the first Divine Beast and Zora's Domain.

I offered Farosh and Dinraal's scales to their springs so that's done. I'm powerful enough to deal with Minor Tests of Strength so I did which ever ones I had. I discovered Lurelin Village but have to unlock the region's tower still. Gonna start exploring to the west once I do that.

I'm traveling around to kill all the Hinox brothers. I've gotten two already and have killed numerous other black and whatever Hinox just lying around so it shouldn't be too hard to finish that this week. Starting to fight all the other large mini-bosses around like the Stone Talus and huge bone dude now that I can handle them.

Someday soon I will head back to that first Lynel and see how I do against it now.


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