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Yeah, I used the word slur. So? Where do I complain about not being able to use slurs myself?
"But if YOU dare to say anything about my group or have any sort of opinion about anything related to my group, there will be hell to pay!" NOT slurs and not talking about myself specifically.

Here's your example:
This is just the first example that came to mind. I'm not a misogynist or whatever, so don't go assuming that.

Another great assumption, but that doesn't make it true. I just didn't understand that you required me to provide an example. Can't I just be stupid and completely missed that, instead of being called "talking out of your ass and regurgitating anti-feminist gamer youtubers"?

I'm trying to stay at least a bit friendly in my replies, but if you feel the need to shout me down like that, that's kinda childish. You do realize we were just having a disagreement and can stay nice to each other?

Calm down.


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