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No, not really confused either. Certainly nowhere near the same as the opening of the first season.

We should probaly keep any mention of the books to spoiler tags. There's going to be those who haven't read, those who have read, and people somewhere in-between.

yeah, I read a review that commented the first chapter is Arya, but that doesn't bother me much.
I'm glad I saw that as my original plan was to start reading after 3 episodes. After watching, I wanted to start right away, but I remained strong. Now I wonder if 3 episodes is enough of a lead.

I also saw mention that perhaps a couple chapters for Jon Snow prior to his events in this episode had been removed. Maybe it was cut for good reason, but it also worries me that they may be a bit more comfortable with straying from the book. I'll have faith though, for now. I thought last year the cuts they made had made sense. What puzzled me sometimes was what they added. 

Forgot to add earlier, the CG on the dragon and the dire wolf were pretty damn good. Ok, the dragon wings might have looked a little rubbery, but it looked like a good rubber. Who's to say real newborn dragon wings wouldn't look a little rubbery?


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