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Originally Posted by skittlebrau
I was cleaning out my closet earlier (as I mentioned in the Misc. Lounge) and came across my Game Gear. Only have two titles for it: Sonic the Hedgehog and Joe Montana Football.
Hehe, Sonic and Shinobi for me. Everyone had Sonic + another random game, it was like a rule. What was scary is that everyone I knew ONLY had Sonic + another game...

And the PS1, ahhhh. I wanted to sell mine until I remember that I had that shit modded to play burned and imported games. And since I never updated the mod way back when, regular new games wouldn't work after a certain date. Sucked. I had to buy all my burned games all over again for the PS2. I remember having Bust-a-Move 4, Dino Crisis, SW EP I: TPM, and the two Clock Tower games burned (among others)...and having to hunt them down. Yes, I actually bothered to buy SW EP I again, however crappy it is. I had fun making fun of the game with my friend and since SW: Shadows of the Empire didn't have lightsabers to use, EP I was like the neatest thing ever for me at the time.


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