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I just do not want a Jesse atonement arc. I do consider him one of the most sympathetic figures on the entire show, if not the most. my main reservation is, its just not needed. not solely because I feel it is too soon, but just because it is not needed in general, ya know? I do tend to keep an open mind more now, so I will watch of course...just not too geeked over it.

I also agree BCS is the better show. as each season ends I find myself really wishing it had longer seasons. Jimmy, is just such a fascinating character. the events, memories and people who shape his life are just so much more interesting.

also, thanks for the hurricane support. we lucked out once again and while it did strengthen again before nearing our turned out a bit more than projected. tons of rain, and some substantial wind for a few hours. however the day after was sunny and aside from a few branches down you could not tell anything different.

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