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I was just browsing some of the old threads. When I see Dark Souls, I click.
Pretty fun to read these ancient posts about Dark Souls, wondering what it is and if it is worth the time.
Even my own 2012 post claiming those games are probably not for me. "I'll stick to playing Skyrim, thank you" Today, my favourite game is Bloodborne. From Software games have the power to draw anyone in.
To be honest, I haven't finished Dark Souls yet. I bought the remaster and got stuck at Orstein and Smough. Just wanted to play Nioh again at that point. I'll finish Dark Souls at some point, though.

Well, Sekiro: Shadows die twice is coming out this week. I'm really excited to play that one. The Japanese setting looks really cool in this game. I like the Japanese setting in Nioh very much as well, but it looks even cooler in Sekiro.
Any of you gonna pick it up soon?


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