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now, now don't get too excited england, it was only a twenty20. doesn't mean alot and i think winning could get the poms a bit too cocky. anway, england did play very well and batted solidly and bowled brilliantly. australia didn't really do anything too great, you know that when gillespie is your top scorer. but as i said, it's only a twenty20, let's get down to the real cricket i say.

things i am worried about:
* england will get too cocky, over estimate ability, lose a couple of matches and become down on themselves
* australia will have a weak middle order for the rest of the series
* the form of symonds with the bat
* being taunted on this forum by the poms!

god, you pointed out pietersen, he played very well today, took some good catches, hit a few boundaries, he certainly looks like one to watch. gough bowled well, too bad for you guys that he isn't playing in the test series. i think the ODI series will be a true reflection on both teams ability because we get to see more than 20 overs from each team, i think 50 overs each way will give a better picture of what the test series will be like.

england 8/179
collingwood 46
trescothick 41
symonds 3/31 (3)

australia 79
gillespie 24
lewis 4/24 (4)
gough 3/16 (3)

england win by 100 runs.

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