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While I'm happy that no one I really like has been unveiled as a monster; I wish comedians whom I actively like to argue against would stop getting their images destroyed.

One of my favorite arguments was how much I hate Bill Cosby's stand up. I find the album "Himself" boring as fuck and it would always start a good argument. But now everyone agrees with me. Just because no one wants to say "Hitler had some good ideas". It has me hoping Cosby releases some new brilliant, vitriolic stand up special because I want Hitler to have some good ideas.

Recently, I've been looking on Facebook for a dude I got into an argument with five years ago at a friend's party. He had a Nerdist tattoo and thought Hardwick's Crispix joke from a decade ago was awe inspiring(about how one side of the Earth grows corn and the other rice, like Crispix). I want to know what he's going to do with that ink. Is it too much to ask to watch my enemies get burned by lasers and acid?


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Well, I don't want to be sniffing a bunch of shit straight from a toilet bowl; a large amount is still pretty disgusting. But if I just have some of the smell or a litlle bit of it on my finger, I can take a deep whiff and get aroused by the scent. It always smells good to me in those instances, but not when there is a larger quantity of shit around. I don't what it is about the smell that makes me feel like that, though.
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