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apparently he sent out this email to someone who asked about it:
Hello. Thanks for reaching out. They certainly did stutter and stammer very cryptically on 20W They were also quite vague. That's not how I operate so here we go...

I am no longer friends with pardo and belknap.

On March 16th they called me into a meeting at a public place... Panera Bread and told me that moving forward I would no longer be involved with Pardcast-a-thon. They said I ruin the show with my antics. Matt complained that he never gets a chance to talk. I told him that it is a 12 hour LIVE comedy show for charity and if he wasn't bringing it that wasn't my fault.
Then my friend of 30 years says "Matt's my business partner and if he's not happy then something has to change." I can tell you more hurtful things that were said during this meeting but the bottom line is this... I brought that charity to them. I suggested we do a marathon podcast to raise money. I'm a founding member of this event but they want all the glory. This event was Me, pardo, belknap and andrew above a 7-11 in my wife's office! Needless to say... how can I ever be friends with them again. They knew going in that this meeting would end the friendship but it didn't matter to them.

The two of them also brought up how much hard work they do behind the scenes. I said "Don't complain about all the hard work you are doing when you aren't giving me any hard work to do." I ask every year and told that they have it covered. They don't even invite me to sound check. I then said that I used to do the shopping for the green room snacks. Then Jimmy said... "The last time you were supposed to buy the snacks you had Kyle do it." Okay... that is true. Kyle was living with us and I delegated that task to him. I asked "What's wrong with that? Did he do it wrong? Did he screw something up?" Then Jimmy points his finger at me and says... "I asked YOU to do it!" Okay this was a complete WTF moment and had we not been in a public place I would have broken his finger off.

There are so many things I want to tell the listeners. So much crap that was said to me and just two weeks after an event I was proud of. I still haven't told my daughters that I won't be doing this charity event anymore. They were really proud of their Dad for this event and I was proud too.

Here's what happened at the end of the meeting... I got emotional and begged them for another chance. I begged. That's not something I do. With me choking back tears pardo says... "I'm glad you're showing vulnerability." Who says that to a friend after THEY made me feel this way?

They agreed to let me return. We hugged in the parking lot and I drove home. Pilar was out of the country and the girls were in school. I called my closest real friends all day and told them what I had been through. I cried every time.

Then I realized that they had set me up for failure. No matter what I did at the next event they could just say if still wasn't working for them. I certainly didn't want to sit on a stage for 12 hours and tow the line set up by them. That wouldn't be fun for me or the audience. jimmy wants to be the skipper surrounded by Gilligans and I don't play that part anymore I'm a grown man and I like to make people laugh too.

When Pilar returned from her travels I told her how I was feeling and that I just couldn't sit on stage with the two people who were trying to kick me off the event I founded. So I sent them both an email that said... "You get what you wanted. Moving forward it's I feel it's not in my best interest to participate in anymore Smile Train events." I pushed send and my wife put her hand on my shoulder and said... "And now you're free."

The response from the email was this... Jimmy said I'm sorry to hear that I thought we had it all worked out... Matt never replied.

So for the past 4 months I would fluctuate between sadness and rage. If that meeting was at the NNF offices I would have floored them both. Those guys are not my friends and I guess haven't been for a very long time.

I hope this didn't bore you. It feels good to tell people what really happened. I pride myself on being honest.

obviously this is only one side of the story and i've spent hundreds of hours with jimmy and matt so i trust that they tried to do the right thing here but it's still fucked up

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