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well the show has made some major missteps from the beginning, trying toforce some differences from the comics.

so yeah I actually like the Negan portrayal on the show, and I thought Dwight was done very well. I think the impact would have been better if Abe would have gotten his comic death earlier instead of Denise. That way it would have been closer to the impact of the comic. everyone knew Glen was going to die, no need to add anyone else to that iconic scene from the comic.

comic spoilers below for people who have not read.

It is the earlier mistakes that sort of ruined what we would have had with the governor. Clearly I think it starts with the change of the Andrea character. This messed up the Dale dynamic.

That lead to the weird relationship with the governor on the show. The Michonne/Governor story is what was missing. Then the eventual Andrea and Rick relationship is missed due to the changes in story/character. I mean to me personally nothing with Rick and Michonne on the show comes close to Rick and Andrea in the comic.

If you mean the changing of the governor, they also bungled that. he is a far more interesting character because you always knew where he stood. on the show the 2 sides to him they tried to show just did not work.

how did I write that much. haha

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