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Originally Posted by jake View Post
i agree romney's larger political history mattered the most, but his lame attempts at shifting to the right in the primary were a huge part of that because it continued the narrative that he was either unprincipled or didn't actually understand the issues in question. obviously there's a million reasons romney lost, but that was definitely a significant factor.
That's fair (and Walker is a somewhat different case because I think he would likely run with it through the general anyway if he was lucky enough to get there). To put it another way, I think any statements along the lines of "this candidate/party has been forced to move to the left/right in the primary, and therefore they're fucked" almost always strikes me as false because candidates will almost always, without fail, reorient themselves if necessary, and short-term memories tend to prevail when trying to remember these smaller moments. And your statement read more like that to me.

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