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Typical. Well I don't imagine it being that big of a deal. More about quality of the acting otherwise, really. I can't wait to watch. I hope they don't pull too many punches.
 Especially what happens to most of Hershel's family 

Not that I'm some kind of sicko or anything.

You know what I think I love about The Walking Dead? It's so very, very... NOT Image Comics. This is a company that built its reputation, originally, on ostentatious shit like Spawn and Gen13. I'm glad a lot of their readership were turned off by how subdued TWD is.

EDIT: Just watched. Normally, I nitpick changes between media presentations of the same story, but I have no loyalty to Kirkman's book before now and I simply appreciate it as what it is. What they did for this series on their own is still very fun.  I really don't like how intense the affair between Shane/Lori is, but I suppose that will draw viewers in quicker when you've only 6 episodes to work with. It makes Lori really unlikeable but if they keep with how Shane dies it'll be even more satisfying. 

The make-up is great and I really enjoy the acting. Can't say much for the sets but occasionally the areas look really good, I'm sure some of it is CG but the CG is used to great effect so far. Sometimes blood splatter looks a little fake (as in it looks like it's at a different resolution than the rest of the scene, somehow) but hey... screw it.

I could tell ep.2 was different. Didn't realize it was a different director but I really see it. It was for the best really. I liked it and it needed a bit more energy in this particular episode.


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