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I never once Game Over'd in Majora's Mask. I was too afraid of it happening to let myself get close enough. I've seen the clip though. Depressing

Oh, so now we're ranking Zeldas. This should be interesting...

1. Ocarina of Time
2. A Link to the Past
3. Link's Awakening
4. Majora's Mask
5. The Adventure of Link

OK now I'm sure I've just raised a few certain peoples' eyebrows there. Let me explain: while I agree that MM is certainly superior to OoT, I don't necessarily like it more. I most definitely have an emotional bias towards Ocarina, it having been my first game of that console generation -- and not to mention one of the biggest leaps in any video game franchise ever. I simply could never reward Best Zelda Game Ever to a game that uses the same exact graphics and engine as its predecessor, while the latter was built from the ground-up and was -- and shall remain -- one of the most groundbreaking games ever made. Even though MM improved upon OoT in many ways, OoT retains its own very special place in my heart never to be filled by another Zelda no matter how great. I agree that it's my own personal bias, but then again it's my list and my opinion too

Which explains why Twilight Princess didn't make the list. It probably would have been #6. Being essentially a rehash of Ocarina of Time with (much, much) better graphics, cinematics, and art direction don't necessarily make TP "better". It's still one of the best Gamecube titles ever made, and certainly the best Zelda game for that system. And yes, it is a Gamecube game, not a Wii game.

Worst Zelda game? Apart from the CD-I ones, it's probably Four Swords Adventures, if it even counts.

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