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lionelhutz123 08-24-2019 08:39 PM

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie
teaser trailer:

Apparently the film has ended production and the media never caught on about it. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie will release on Netflix on October 11th, 2019 and again on AMC at a later date.

NHC is down so I figured I'd give B&R some action. Your thoughts? Here's my initial concerns I've posted on my blog a while back. I'm pretty much going to use this as my template for my own thoughts on the film when it comes out.

Overall, I'm going to choose to trust Vince Gilligan. Anticipation is always fun. Man, what a year this has been though. The Deadwood Movie already proved to be masterfully handled, so I can only hope this and The Sopranos prequel can follow suit.

lionelhutz123 08-25-2019 11:07 AM

That's interesting.

Do you mean that because of the growing popularity of the show towards the end that Walter White might have got more big, grandiose, power moments written in as a way to appease the fist-pumping "I am the one who knocks" crowd? And in turn, this detracted from the show's main goal and sense of integrity? Like the story of his graduation to evil could have played out just as effectively without making most of his scenes some Joker-esque, bomb-dropping moment (Say my name, Tread lightly, I'm in the empire business, etc.).

I still feel there was a fair balance where his ego and the male revenge fantasy nonsense was kept in check. On the other hand, I never thought of how the show could have played out if he was still an increasing piece of shit towards the end but without the razzmatazz or showiness.

If that's what you mean by the Walter White problem?

DAntae 08-27-2019 01:49 PM

I always took it as part of the ride of his character. I mean personally I always rooted for Walt. sure when he began to drink his own koolaid it was a bit of a shock, but it was truly who he always was (or at least thats how I always took it).

as for the end, I was hoping he would just die from the cancer while on the run.

that said it feels way too soon to return to this material. better call saul has filled the niche for me and I find it a far more interesting story.

DAntae 08-28-2019 03:34 PM

I agree with all that. this is what happens when a great premise is just not fully realized. usually for me, a story should have a defined end well before it gets to that point. it was bumbled here clearly.

I can say the first 3 seasons of the show were as good as pretty much anything I have seen. not The Wire level for me, that may be my gold standard. I also enjoy Sopranos but not nearly as much as some. anyhow when Walt becomes the caricature of a kingpin, they could have gone a few different ways. make it known that he knew it was all a show. as a viewer I would have dug that, if all he was saying and doing was for show at that point.

I had almost forgotten how poorly things wrapped up. this thread has just refreshed those last few episodes. sigh

lionelhutz123 08-31-2019 04:24 PM

@box elder

A while back, I rewatched the show again as I followed Alan Sepinwall's book Breaking Bad: The Complete Critical Companion and remember finding this excerpt interesting:

"The repellent nature of Uncle Jack and company seems an appropriate place for the story to turn in the closing hours. Some fans and critics have interpreted the Nazis as an intentional corrective to the adoration that white male antihero Walt has gotten for his various "badass" deeds over the years. To me, they feel more like a repudiation of Walt's own beliefs in his life of crime and how it should work. Walt has always fancied himself above the likes of Krazy-8 and Tuco, imagining he's a mogul like Gus: someone who will use his mind and his force of will to build a fortune without having to lower himself into the muck that consumes everyone else in the drug trade.
Time and again, events have proven this belief wrong, as he does and says things that the pre-cancer Walter White wouldn't have been able to fathom. That the neo-Nazis are the last foes he has to conquer- not a "worthy" adversary like Gus or Mike, or anyone else Walt wouldn't feel disgusted to share a room with under less urgent circumstances - feels like the final indignity from Walt's point of view, and the final reminder that Walt is not better than other criminals. He's just more proud."

While I don't think this excuses the cartoonishness of the neo-nazis as villains being an overall critique, I feel like this is an accurate explanation for why they heavily leaned towards cartoonish rather than something more dynamic. The idea that these are the adversaries Walt finds himself keeping company with (not just scummy white supremacists, but hollow caricatures) at the height of his reign after "winning" against Gus, is something I can appreciate as a fan who wanted a delusional Walt to go out in more of a whimper like yourself. As you said though, Gilligan seemed to like to eat his cake and have it too, so I'm sure the fist-pumpin' fans found it awesome.

lionelhutz123 09-02-2019 12:25 PM

Hollow characters aside, if you could erase "Felina" from the show, would you have preferred "Ozymandias" or "Granite State" as the final episode?

Sniper Squirrel 09-03-2019 12:53 PM

I did a full rewatch a few years ago and season five you could tell they kind of ran out of things to do with Jesse. I agree how powerful Walt Jr's fuck you was in Granite State. I never thought Felina was terrible, but it felt pretty scrambled together, which I thought a lot of moments were in the last few episodes and they kind of dug themselves into a hole they could never really dig out of

lionelhutz123 09-03-2019 07:25 PM

Vince Gilligan went on record in many interviews that he wished the machine gun was never presented in the season 5 premiere because it killed a lot of potential directions they could have taken the show as they broke the story in the writers room.

It's disappointing how Jesse was knocked from co-lead to another one of Walter White's victims to serve Walt's story for the finale. It's one of the reasons why I think El Camino could be something beneficial. Even though I liked the open-endedness of his escape, I think Jesse has a story worth exploring for a movie beyond tying loose-ends, milking the franchise, etc.

DAntae 09-04-2019 12:06 PM

Keep posting guys. Currently away for hurricane evacuation, so it is neat to actually read through.

As long as the film does not try to rewrite or change what is offical lore, it can be a benefit.

Personally it just seems way too soon to revisit, even if there is no Walt presence. Just my opinion though.

lionelhutz123 09-04-2019 07:40 PM

I hope everything works out okay! Glad you're evacuating rather than taking a chance.

And I dunno, it's been 6 years since the finale and I'm usually in the camp that TV show universe's should just be let be. However, BCS has proven to be a great companion piece and if they are to make a single movie with Jesse, the actors aren't getting any younger.

I wouldn't want a Walking Dead situation where it's set to become a launch pad for more movies and spinoffs. Unless it's post-BB Howard Hamlin leaving New Mexico to pursue a dream his father never let him have.

Sniper Squirrel 09-04-2019 08:31 PM

Maybe Jesse will end up in Omaha working for gene at the Cinnabon

lionelhutz123 09-09-2019 08:06 PM

That's the thing. If we can consider Jesse the co-main character of the show, then how does his character being strung along by Gus or Walt or Mike or Hank sit with you as the latter half of his character's journey? I mean, Season 4 until the end treated Jesse like a key pawn on a chess board in service to Walt's story (especially the final 8), and sure, it was an appropriate note to end on as he breaks free from that in the final episode, but don't you think there might be something more profound to explore with his character, beyond him serving as a catalyst, now that Walt's story is over? Would that not warrant a continuation? I agree with you in how that feels though and share your concerns.

I certainly hope this film surprises me in that regard.

DAntae 09-10-2019 02:50 PM

I just do not want a Jesse atonement arc. I do consider him one of the most sympathetic figures on the entire show, if not the most. my main reservation is, its just not needed. not solely because I feel it is too soon, but just because it is not needed in general, ya know? I do tend to keep an open mind more now, so I will watch of course...just not too geeked over it.

I also agree BCS is the better show. as each season ends I find myself really wishing it had longer seasons. Jimmy, is just such a fascinating character. the events, memories and people who shape his life are just so much more interesting.

also, thanks for the hurricane support. we lucked out once again and while it did strengthen again before nearing our turned out a bit more than projected. tons of rain, and some substantial wind for a few hours. however the day after was sunny and aside from a few branches down you could not tell anything different.

lionelhutz123 09-10-2019 08:45 PM

If this movie was not announced, I definitely wouldn't think twice about there ever being or it needing a continuation. That's a good point.

I'm not finding myself really losing sleep in anticipation either like I probably will for Saul season 5. I do like the universe of both shows though (and I like Saul better too) so I can only hope to like what what we're given.

DAntae 09-11-2019 12:21 PM

I do apologize if I am raining on anyone's parade in regard to the show. not my intention to sour the enthusiasm someone may have for this. so again my bad if I have done so.

like I said, I am going to watch. who knows, when more info or footage is known I may see my interest peaked significantly.

I binged a few episodes of Saul while we were out of town last week (it is one of the few shows I can watch over and over). I guess even with Breaking Bad I never took Odenkirk seriously as a great actor. I loved/adored Mr. Show so much. Saul was more to bring humor and lighten the mood on BB. So to see a guy give such a great performance for a character who I never thought would have this much depth is still a bit jarring to me as a viewer.

lionelhutz123 09-23-2019 12:12 AM

Watched the Emmys tonight. No Saul winners once again (Rhea Seehorn still being snubbed from a nomination) , but Fleabag swept nearly every comedy category which I'm happy about. Superb show.

Also, another trailer for El Camino during the commercials:

This is also supposed to be premiering in select theaters (one being a town over from me) so I'm trying to keep on the lookout for tickets. If any of you are interested you can search your area for special theaters here on

lionelhutz123 09-23-2019 10:20 AM

Yeah GoT winning best drama was bad. I like to use the Emmys as a way to see what great show I might be missing out on so when I see GoT being handed the trophy for the sake of it over possible sleeper hits, it's discouraging.

Also that gimmicky 'choose-your-own-adventure' Black Mirror movie winning over Deadwood or any of the other noms was laughable.

DAntae 09-23-2019 03:15 PM

I was ok with Dinklage winning, I mean he never phoned it in...even with shit to work with. yeah the show winning however was laughable and predictable.

as for the new trailer, I liked that much more than the other one. had a tone of dread which I dug. so yeah fingers crossed.

I also like to see who gets nominated to find some shows I may have overlooked or not heard about. not many of them appealed to me but may give one or two a go for a few episodes and see.

best part of the night that I watched was seeing Last Week Tonight continue to roll. I love that show so damn much. John Oliver unlike any of the comedic news guys/gals (aside from Stewart) does not eventually run his course with me. in my opinion he is always consistently funny, but bridges some topics I just never thought to really educate myself on.

lionelhutz123 10-17-2019 07:32 PM

I'm going to repost mine here too. I'm probably going to give more thoughts after my second watch this weekend. By the way, did you guys watch on netflix or a select theater? I saw it on the big screen at a Cinema Arts Center near me with a good, respectful crowd (mostly older folks and not too packed). It was a pretty awesome experience. If The Sopranos prequel film gets the same treatment, I'm definitely going the theater route.


I actually liked that the film was more meditative because that's exactly what made Breaking Bad so special to begin with (something the finale did away with by having Walt just randomly appear in places and magically get things done). The in-between-moments of conflict that you rarely witness in crime stories is what this show, for the better part of its run, absolutely excelled at. It's what drew me to it in the first place. By the end of Breaking Bad, Walt became such a despicable character and was so far gone from any shred of sympathy, that the show conceptually took that narrative structure away from the viewer. Long are the days of taking 3 episodes to dispose of bodies, getting the RV's battery to start, or spending an entire season figuring out how to get rid of Gus. However, a Breaking Bad film about the more empathetic Jesse makes sense to bring that methodical structure and slower pace back, especially considering he's a character who (while proven to hold his own and certainly has his moments) doesn't possess the same magic, intelligence and bravado that Walt had.

Any other film about a fugitive on the run would have gone all in for the non-stop, action-packed thrill of the lead character trying to outrun the cops. This film offers that but the tension derives from its smaller, character-driven moments. Figuring out a plan and saying goodbye to Skinny Pete and Badger instead of just bolting out of there is more real and believable to me than the film serving as a 'what would I really be doing in this situation' type of story. Same with Jesse deciding to give Todd back his gun. It's especially a moment like that which makes Jesse Pinkman a uniquely interesting and deserving character to follow here. Spending a significant chunk of the film with Jesse poking around in Todd's apartment and further exploring the trauma that Jesse had to go through rather than glossing over it with mere implications helps give his story more weight. I like that there are so many unexpected, trivial hang-ups that prevent Jesse from moving on as simply as getting in a car and driving away.

In the series finale, Jesse's story ended on an ambiguously conclusive note which was fitting, but it was just a note. Not a conclusion for a character who earned the role of co-lead (regardless if the show was intended for Walt) and proved to be just as essential a character compared to the pawn/wild card/catalyst in service to Walt's story that he unfortunately becomes towards the end of the show's run. After "Ozymandias", I didn't go into this film expecting it to be anything more climactic than simply giving the character a proper conclusion. And by proper conclusion, I don't mean a love letter to the fans. Just an actual conclusion for the character who's earned one. Can I have gone on happily with my life without ever seeing this film? Sure. But I really liked it anyway. Granted I've only seen it once, but I feel like I'm going to appreciate it more on repeat viewings. It certainly avoided the problems I was worried about, but did El Camino prove its worth? I'm still thinking on that.

Also, I feel like the flashback scenes had a more thematic point than just parading old characters in and out and providing context. It definitely helps build Jesse's mindset going forward for what his future may hold. The film also still ends rather open-ended of whether he'll be okay or not. Will he learn to adapt and appreciate his slice of secluded freedom or will he increasingly crack under the pressure of solitude like Gene seems to be with every Better Call Saul season opener?

brody 10-18-2019 03:03 AM

it was pretty good. they probably could've made it a limited-event series but that would make it far more likely that they try to wring out more fan service and more contrivances. as a self-contained movie that provides resolution to something i definitely was looking for closure on, i liked it but i will not watch it again unless my girlfriend wants to watch the show

also, i haven't seen the show in a while so i'm fuzzy on the exact details of how things were for jesse before the nazis imprisoned him, but surely he could've plead a case to the authorities and have gotten away without charges or at the very least, being put in witness protection, in the event of other nazis wanting to avenge their deaths. i just can't imagine someone who'd been through all he was just being thrown back into prison, regardless of any pending case they have against him

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